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+39 030 55 42 696

2e20go Electric Vehicles Rental and Sharing

Sede Sarnico: Corso Europa, 19 - 24067 Sarnico (BG)

Sede Iseo :  Via XX Settembre (Park Stazione) - 25049 ISEO (BS) 

Tel. +39 030 55 42 696 - Mob. + 39 393 939 8167  - 

2e20 S.r.l.s.   -   Via Gesualdo Bufalino, 5 - 95041 Caltagirone (CT) - P.Iva 05481280872  - Mob. +39 030.5542696 -



Who We Are

In our exhibition space you will find electric pedal-assisted bicycles and electric scooters for every need, models selected among the best national and foreign brands to satisfy any amateur or professional.
By 2e20 you will find trained staff to assist in the choice of the electric vehicle more suited to your tastes and needs, with interesting payment solutions.

We also offer an exclusive hire service, tailored to meet your needs, we also offer a rental service Rent-to-Rent for accommodation providers and renters.

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Giuseppe De Grande


Founder of the brand for electric vehicles in CRB with the Cerberus Srl is aimed at the development of a new concept of business dedicated to the rental business, today more than ever topical for small displacements and for a long period of time. The optimization of the service to the end-user must be able to simplify and facilitate urban mobility to encourage the development of the market of electric vehicles. |  + 39 393.9398167


Germano Romina


Coordinator for corporate and responsible care and customer service to all rental points 2e20go Rental distributed on the Italian territory.

Takes care of the business relationship with the rental points esisteti combining a dedicated support to those who want to enter a whole new world of electric vehicles.  |  + 39 093325126


Francesco De Grande

Senior Product Designer

Young entrepreneurial insight, the company facilitates the development of innovative ideas in the fields of electric mobility and in the services that are eligible for both the users of the urban tourists who want to appreciate the beauty of the architecture and land of our Beautiful Country.

The development of new rental locations and the goal that aims at analyzing the territory and the potential socio-economic to obtain a global assessment for the birth of the new point 2e20go Renatal.  |  + 39 0933.25126

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