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+39 030 55 42 696

2e20go Electric Vehicles Rental and Sharing

Sede Sarnico: Corso Europa, 19 - 24067 Sarnico (BG)

Sede Iseo :  Via XX Settembre (Park Stazione) - 25049 ISEO (BS) 

Tel. +39 030 55 42 696 - Mob. + 39 393 939 8167  - 

2e20 S.r.l.s.   -   Via Gesualdo Bufalino, 5 - 95041 Caltagirone (CT) - P.Iva 05481280872  - Mob. +39 030.5542696 -




.....simply Clever: 

Who we are and Mission

2e20 S.r.l.s. Start-Up was born for the creation of a system for the management of the rental activity at 360 °, first specializing in the rental of electric scooters and electric pedal assisted bikes. The design of our WEB platform has allowed us to create a specially developed control system with a central unit complete with GPS that can be controlled remotely, for the management of large fleets of vehicles for both "free floating" and fast rental and long lasting. In June 2019 the ambitious project with the G16 (Consortium of the 16 Riparian Municipalities of Lake Iseo) and at the same time the innovative "Swap e-Bike" project, where e-bikes are rented through the platform, started. : Availability, Reservation, Payment, Collection and Return. It is also possible to "exchange" them, in the 2e20go Rental Points, with the loaded e-bike. We are now ready to expand the project by making it truly intelligent and innovative, making the installation of our exchange system available in other vehicles as well, making Battery Exchange the first real "unlimited autonomy" system. The new Team aims to play an important role in the e-Mobility market by continuing in the work done with the CRB brand as a manufacturer-importer of electric scooters and electric bikes, becoming the first universal POWER and STORAGE system that can be used on any electric vehicle. Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration with companies producing electric vehicles, in particular electric boats, we are already laying the foundations for the creation of functional prototypes for our EXCHANGE system.

Why do we use it?

The watt-hour project is the result of a long work carried out in the world of electric vehicles starting from the realization of innovative removable batteries (SBS - Standard Battery Swap) for electric vehicles (scooters and electric motorcycles) of which we scrupulously follow the design and construction in particular of the latest born from our CRB brand, the CRB-X18 Figo which, thanks to the interchangeability of its batteries, allows the end user to buy the scooter even without batteries and / or simply rent them , not having the

weight of the initial outlay but above all the

  • concern of the life span and autonomy. The main advantages that meet the needs of the end user Vehicle Immobilization: the user can recharge the batteries even
  • at home rather than swapping them in the points 2e20go thus avoiding holding the vehicle stationary for recharging; Battery: rental reduces weight: immobilization ion of
  • the initial cost, breakdown, malfunction, recharge cycles and therefore of life, recharge times and costs; Autonomy \ / Refueling:
  • a battery travels 50 km, the user can choose how many to rent to satisfy their autonomy requirements;
  • Travel: The many 2e20go points in the area allow you to plan both urban and extra-urban itineraries; Vehicle Value: Cost of the accessible vehicle only and reduced depreciation over time.

Where does it

come from? To this we then added the possibility of being able to rent the battery with the exchange recharge service, in this way when the scooter's battery is empty the user could go to one of our Operating Points and replacing the discharged battery with a charged one, this has allowed us to perfect our battery and make it \ u201cSwapping \ u201d allowing the birth of the Standard Battery Swap (SBS) for the power supply of electric vehicles that can be systemically inserted in special Storage containers arranged in our electric vehicles. The new battery (SBS)

has therefore been innovated with the inclusion of: o Smart BMS (SBMS - Smart Battery Management System) for the control of the individual cells in the charging and discharging operations as well as to allow communication and

therefore obtaining information on the status of each individual cell; o Smart Controller a system comprising a GPS and GPRS geo localization managed by a software for tracking and localizing the battery and a WEB platform that can check its status at any time

and allow interventions even remotely. 


Innovation and Business

The adoption of the Green Business model also promotes innovation that the OECD classifies as radical innovation which includes both the adoption of innovative technologies (SBS batteries and SMC storage system) and the reconfiguration of the "Battery Swap" management system , of the product / service, in order to achieve the best overall environmental performance: the widespread distribution of the BSSs at the exchange points will guarantee trust and safety to users who use our system by spreading the real idea of ​​practicality and functionality. Electric vehicle manufacturers will have a lot of interest in using our system and this will parabolically increase our business.

The main innovations that distinguish us:

  • SMC: The modular standard container made of thermoplastic material has the fundamental innovation of being able to connect easily with other similar ones with simple rail joints, which allows to create the battery pack necessary for the vehicle being treated.
  • EMPS Smart Controller: electric and electronic device inserted in the SMC able to configure the power of the standard 60V batteries to the needs of the vehicle: so if the vehicle requires 96 V power, the device will bring the voltage to 96V thus allowing optimal engine operation.
  • SBS: Standard Swap Battery A single battery capable of providing power alone or in a modular manner with GPS and Smart BMS innovation that controls its status and allows remote interoperability.

Platform and Operating Points

The SBS can thus be inserted on all vehicles that have adopted our SMC (e-Bike, e-Scooter, e-Boat) The Operaivi points scattered throughout the territory perform an extremely important function:

  • They check the battery status and recharge it;
  • Assist the User in replacing the battery;
  • They contribute so that the customer has confidence in the system;

SBS batteries must be set up to be coupled in a modular way; Each battery has an external identification code and GPS; Through the Platform it will be possible to verify:

  • the amount of top-ups made and the customers who used them;
  • The report for each point of the batteries used in order to better distribute them in the various points.


Watch the presentation video of the Wattora Project

Here you can see a quick schematic presentation of the project and the individual components.

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