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+39 030 55 42 696

2e20go Electric Vehicles Rental and Sharing

Sede Sarnico: Corso Europa, 19 - 24067 Sarnico (BG)

Sede Iseo :  Via XX Settembre (Park Stazione) - 25049 ISEO (BS) 

Tel. +39 030 55 42 696 - Mob. + 39 393 939 8167  - 

2e20 S.r.l.s.   -   Via Gesualdo Bufalino, 5 - 95041 Caltagirone (CT) - P.Iva 05481280872  - Mob. +39 030.5542696 -


Live a unique mobility EXPERIENCE, ENJOY the scenery around you, hire your electric vehicle in a few simple steps

Return Vehicle.

Concluded the use of the service of the rental the vehicle must be returned at the same place where it was collected, unless otherwise agreed. The vehicle will be subjected by our technicians to a verification of integrity, in the case of damage will be from the same welded.

At the time of delivery you will be prompted to take Photos of the front from different locations.

Return of the vehicle at the end of the use of the bicycle rental service.

According to the agreements made at the time of signing the rental contract where they were


 agreed between the parties, before the start of the rental, date and time of delivery of the vehicle as well as

 compliance with the rules of conduct, the customer declares personally and under his own

 responsibilities that have been followed all the rules of the rental contract and respected the articles

 of the general regulation as agreed. Remember that the return of the vehicle must take place

 during the opening hours of the COMPANY and in the hands of a person in charge

 will verify the integrity of the vehicle. Remember that objects from anyone left in the vehicle

 returned to the COMPANY CONCEDENT are considered abandoned, and COMPANY CONCEDENT not

 is required to keep them. The customer declares with the return that the vehicle and its equipment are

 in the same condition as what has been withdrawn, and therefore also undertakes to reinstate the

 any shortages and compensate for any damage caused, except for normal wear and tear.

The COMPANY GRANT reserves the right to charge for any damage caused to the vehicle that in

 whatever way you wish they were concealed at the time of delivery, in this sense the customer is invited to

 download the list of costs necessary to repair the most damage. Although not content

 in this paragraph reference is made to the art. 2-3-7-12-13 of the Gen. Reg. It is also recalled that in case of

 punctures to tires the customer is required to replace damaged tires at his own expense,

 o the debit of the amount as indicated in the "Vehicle Damage Price List". In case they come

 found on the vehicle damage of any kind, the COMPANY LICENSE comes now

 authorized to request the sum or retain it from any security deposit.

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