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2e20go Electric Vehicles Rental and Sharing

Sede Sarnico: Corso Europa, 19 - 24067 Sarnico (BG)

Sede Iseo :  Via XX Settembre (Park Stazione) - 25049 ISEO (BS) 

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Live a unique mobility EXPERIENCE, ENJOY the scenery around you, hire your electric vehicle in a few simple steps

Take your Vehicle.

Confirm you have read and understood the rental agreement, at the time of the retreat our staff will check the identity and the payment in order to deliver the vehicle you have chosen.

In the case of vehicle weblog which needs the driving licence, the same must be submitted. They will give you information on how to use and rules to follow.

Contract Rent and basic rules of behavior

Terms of Use and binding terms of electric vehicle hire


1. VEHICLE RELIANCE - The vehicle is entrusted to the customer provided with standard equipment and circulation documents of which the customer becomes custodian for all legal purposes. The vehicle guide covered by this contract is allowed to adults or minors (minimum age 14 years) if accompanied by an adult. The vehicle is entrusted to the customer on the assumption that he uses it personally by conducting it. Therefore, the customer assumes all risk and responsibility in case of entrusting the vehicle to third parties.

2. VEHICLE CIRCULATION - The customer is authorized to circulate only and exclusively within a radius of no more than 10 km from the place of the activity point. The customer is responsible for the normal circulation of the vehicle as well as its proper use and routine maintenance. In case of need for roadside assistance, the customer can contact the COMPANY LICENSE. The customer expressly accepts to release, within the limits of the law, the COMPANY LICENSE from any claim arising from the use of the vehicle rented in accordance with the contract. The customer will have to reimburse to the FUNDING COMPANY the payment of any penalties and / or contraventions resulting from traffic code infringements imposed during the vehicle assignment period. The customer undertakes to transmit within 24 hours to the COMPANY ALLOCATION every report notified by the public authority. In case of failure to timely transmit the customer will be responsible for any outlay and / or damage suffered by the COMPANY directly or indirectly caused by failure to timely transmit. In the event of penalties and / or contraventions notified to the COMPANY LICENSE subsequent to the end of the rental, the COMPANY LICENSOR is henceforth authorized to resort to legal actions for the return of the sum.

3. CONDITIONS OF USE - The customer acknowledges not being in possession of any real right on the rented vehicle and the accessories supplied and, therefore, of not being able to dispose of them in any way. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to sub-lease the vehicle to third parties in any form. Furthermore, the customer can not under any circumstances use or allow the vehicle to be used for the purposes indicated in art. 2 of the General Regulations displayed at the place of activity.

In addition, the customer assumes the obligation to: (a) drive the vehicle personally and keep it, together with the accessories supplied, with the utmost diligence and in compliance with all applicable laws; (b) ensure the operation and safety of the vehicle during the rental period; (c) release the COMPANY LIABILITY from any claims made by third parties for damages from the latter suffered to the goods transported in the rented vehicle or due to faults or inconveniences to the vehicle; (d) reimburse, upon presentation of an invoice, for any expenses, including legal expenses, incurred by the same to obtain the fulfillment of the pecuniary obligations due to any title and / or reason, expressly including those for unpaid highway tolls , in addition to administrative expenses; (e) use all the anti-theft devices with which the vehicle is equipped whenever it is parked and abandoned, even if in enclosed areas and guarded areas.

4. RULES OF THE ITALIAN ROAD CODE - The customer declares to be aware of the regulations of the current Highway Code, in particular on the main rules that refer to the use of the rented vehicle.

5. APPLICABLE AND REFERENCE STANDARDS - For anything not expressly provided for in the General Regulations displayed in the place where the activity takes place (hereinafter referred to as "Reg. Gen.") as an integral part of this contract and in the agreements and conditions set out in the present contract, the parties refer to the provisions of the Civil Code and applicable laws. If a provision of this rental contract is null, such nullity does not determine the invalidity of the other provisions

6. CLAIMS - Should any damage occur, the customer is obliged to immediately notify the COMPANy COMPANY by telephone. The customer must request the intervention of the competent Authority and, when necessary, must file a complaint with the competent Authority. The customer must take care to obtain the data relating to the witnesses and other vehicles involved or, in any case, to obtain all the information necessary for determining the responsibility of the accident occurred. In addition, the customer undertakes to transmit to the LICENSED COMPANY, no later than 24 hours after the claim, a complete detailed report on the "claim report" form, enclosed with the vehicle documents. Finally, the customer undertakes to cooperate with the COMPANY, his insurance company, his lawyer in any investigation or extrajudicial and judicial procedure. For anything not contained in this paragraph, reference is made to the art. 9 of the Gen. Reg.

7. RETURN OF THE VEHICLE - The parties have agreed between the parties, before the start of the rental, the date and time of delivery of the vehicle, and the customer is personally committed to compliance with the agreed. Any variation must be previously agreed in writing with the COMPANY INITIATIVE. A day of hire is considered to be 24 hours with a tolerance of 59 minutes (subject to the closing hours of the store, which the customer declares to be aware of). Once this tolerance period has expired, a further rental day will be charged, as the fractions and the intermediate terms are considered as a whole day. The return of the vehicle must take place during the opening hours of the COMPANY and in the hands of an agent. The COMPANY CONCEDENTE reserves the right to terminate the contract and to take possession of the vehicle at any time in case of violation of the conditions of use agreed, without anything being due to the customer as compensation for damages, or any other security and / or reason. In any case, the customer undertakes to return the vehicle as soon as the LICENSING COMPANY requests it, even verbal. Objects left by anyone left in the vehicle returned to the COMPANY CONCEDENT are considered abandoned, and COMPANY LICENSE is not required to keep them and to return them.

8. LIABILITY FOR CUSTOMER DAMAGES - The customer undertakes to return the vehicle and its equipment in the same conditions of delivery, and therefore also undertakes to reinstate any shortages and compensate for any damage caused, except for normal wear and tear. . For anything not contained in this paragraph, reference is made to the art. 2-3-7-12-13 of the Gen. Reg. In case of punctures to the tires the customer is required to replace damaged tires at his own expense. Return of the vehicle with unrepaired tires is not permitted. In the event that damages of any kind are found on the vehicle, the COMPANY is already authorized to request the sum or retain it from any security deposit.

9. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY OF THE LICENSED COMPANY - The customer agrees to return the vehicle and its equipment under the same delivery conditions, and therefore also undertakes to reinstate any shortages and compensate for any damage caused, except for normal deterioration of use. For anything not contained in this paragraph, reference is made to the art. 2-3-7-12-13 of the Reg. Gen.

10. PAYMENT METHODS - Payment can be made in cash and must be paid in advance. In the event that, for any reason, the payment is not made in advance, it must in any case take place on the date of expiry of the contract together with the return of the vehicle.

11. PENALTIES - Failure to return the keys of the vehicle, even if lost or stolen, will result in a penalty for compensation as contained in the art. 13 of the General Regulations. Failure to return the vehicle to the date and time agreed in this contract will result in the unlawful possession of the customer, and will also oblige the customer to pay a penalty, for each day or fraction of a day, equal to the sum of the daily rental increased by 15% for the first week, and 25% up to the date of redelivery or the date on which the LICENSE COMPANY will be in possession of the vehicle.

12. SERVICES AND UTILITIES - The cost of the rental must be understood inclusive of the following services and utilities: sound system, full charge.

13. TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION - For any dispute that may arise in relation to said contract, the Court of Caltagirone is the competent court.

14. ELECTION OF DOMICILE FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS AGREEMENT - The customer declares and self-certifies under his own responsibility that the address of residence indicated in the attached photocopy documentation is correct, and that for the purposes of this contract any communication and / or notification may take place at this address, subject to modification of the same to be communicated in writing by the customer directly to the COMPANY LICENSE.

15. SOLID OBLIGATIONS - Whoever signs this contract in the name and on behalf of another person and / or company, will personally and solidly answer with his / her own representative of the obligations assumed towards the COMPANY INHERENTIAL.

16. Pursuant to art. 13 Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196, the customer is informed that the owner and manager of the treatment is COMPANY CONCEDENT based in Caltagirone Via P. Novelli, 5 / A and that you can request information, changes or deletion of data provided by writing directly to the aforementioned holder and controller . Having said that, and having acknowledged the foregoing, the customer specifically declares to authorize the processing of data concerning him, including the communication and dissemination thereof to third parties exclusively for purposes connected with the performance of the activities of the COMPANY CONCEDENT. This authorization applies to all data collected, up to the express revocation of the data owner.


Place and date.                                                                                          The Customer Acceptance to confirm Flag


In accordance with the art. 1341 and 1342 C.C. the client specifically declares to have read and to approve the agreements and conditions set out in points 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8- 9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16 , and also declares, pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1469 ss. C.C., that these clauses were all specifically brought to his attention. The tenant declares also, according to the art. 1341 and 1342 C.C., to have read and to approve the art. from 1 to 14 of the General Regulations of the rental contract displayed in the place where the rental activity takes place which is considered an integral and complementary part of the present rental contract.


                                                                                                                        Customer: Acceptance for Flag confirmation

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