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2e20go Electric Vehicles Rental and Sharing

Sede Sarnico: Corso Europa, 19 - 24067 Sarnico (BG)

Sede Iseo :  Via XX Settembre (Park Stazione) - 25049 ISEO (BS) 

Tel. +39 030 55 42 696 - Mob. + 39 393 939 8167  - 

2e20 S.r.l.s.   -   Via Gesualdo Bufalino, 5 - 95041 Caltagirone (CT) - P.Iva 05481280872  - Mob. +39 030.5542696 -


Contract Rent and basic rules of behavior

Scarica il Manuale d'Uso


2e20 S.r.l.s. with headquarters in Corso Europa, 19 – 24067 Sarnico (BG) VAT number 05481280872 phone +39 (hereinafter, the GRANTING COMPANY) making use of the 2e20 Operative Point: ________________


The lord/ the lady Name ________________ Surname________________  Born in ________________  the___ / ___ / ______ National Insurance Number__________________ Mobile phone____________ e-Mail______________

of which are attached:

IDENTITY CARD / LICENSE of the customer n. ________________ Issued MUNICIPAL / MCTC________________  DEADLINE on _____ / _____ / ________ E-Bike n. ________Release date _____ / _____ / ______ exit time ____: ____ Return date ____ / ____ / _____ return time ____: ____ Rental cost: TOTAL RENTAL €_________, 00 .

Security Deposit € 50.00 per bike therefore €… .. ……… .., 00

In compliance with the following Rules and Regulations:

1)      How to sign and activate the e-Bike rental service: To obtain the rental of an electric pedal assisted bicycle, hereinafter referred to as e-Bike, the user must present a valid ID document (ID card or driving license) at the EBIKE COLLECTION, these documents will be retained by the manager until at the end of the rental. The use of the bicycle presupposes the physical fitness and the technical expertise of those who intend to take it. Therefore the user renting the bicycle declares to be equipped with adequate capacity and appropriate competence. In the case of use by minors (minimum age 14 years) with the signing of this contract, the custodial parent or guardian of the minor assumes all the responsibilities indicated in this contract and the civil code, consequently authorizes the minor to use the bicycle under the conditions laid down in this regulation. The user must pay the relative payment upon collection of the e-Bike in addition to the security deposit of € 50.00 for each bike. The Operational Point 2e20 may refuse to hire people in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of drugs (in accordance with articles 186/187 of the highway code) and for other reasons at the discretion of the operator himself.

2)      How to carry out the e-Bike rental service: The bicycle is to be used exclusively as a means of transport and to be treated with care, common sense and diligence, in order to avoid damage to both the vehicle itself and its accessories. It is forbidden to use the bicycle to carry out commercial activities, nor can it be used by others, nor by sub-rental. The user is responsible for the electric bicycle up to its management, it is always responsible for damages. Consider any form of compensation at the Operating Point 2e20 and the OPERATING POINT. The customer is authorized only and exclusively within a radius of no more than 15 km from the place of the activity point. During the rental the user does not enjoy any form of insurance nor is the electric bicycle insuranced by RC insurance . The user is therefore obliged to respect the rules of the highway code. The manager declines all responsibility in the event of improper use of the vehicle or failure to comply with road traffic regulations.

3)      Terms and conditions for collection and delivery of the e-Bike: the bicycle must be returned, in accordance with the times established at the time of delivery to the same place where it was rented. The parking of the electric bicycle outside the rental point during the closing time cannot be considered as delivery. Failure to return the bicycle without prior notification or in any case not motivated by exceptional cases, will be considered as a crime of theft and therefore reported to the judicial authorities. A rental day is considered 24 hours with a tolerance of 30 minutes (subject to the closing times of the store, of which the customer with the signature of this declares to be aware of). After this period of tolerance, a further day of rental will be charged, since the fractions and intermediate terms are considered as a whole day. The return of the vehicle must take place during the opening hours of the 2e20 Operating Point and in the hands of a person in charge. The Operating Point 2e20 reserves the right to terminate the contract and to take back the vehicle at any time in the event of violation of the agreed conditions of use, without anything being due to the customer as compensation for damages, or to any other title and / or right. In any case, the customer undertakes to return the vehicle as soon as the Operating Point 2e20 requests a request, also verbal. The objects left by anyone in the vehicle returned to the Operational Point 2e20 are considered abandoned, and the Operative Point 2e20 is not required to guard them and to return them.

4)      CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS - The customer undertakes to return the vehicle and its equipment in the same delivery conditions, and therefore also undertakes to reinstate any shortages and to compensate all the damages caused as indicated in the Damage List (downloadable from the website , except normal wear and tear. For anything not included in this paragraph, please refer to the art. 2-3-7-12-13 of the Gen. Reg. In the event of punctures to the tires, the customer is obliged to repair and / or replace, at his expense, damaged tires. The return of the vehicle with unrepaired tires is not permitted. In the event that total or partial thefts are found on the vehicle, damages of any kind, the Operative Point 2e20 is authorized from now on to request the sum or keep it from any deposit as indicated in the Damage List. In the event of theft of the electric bicycle, the user must present the operator with a copy of the report made to the competent bodies in addition to compensation for damages to the LICENSING COMPANY (to the values ​​shown in the Damage Price List downloadable from the website that the it will be returned in case of finding or recovery of the vehicle itself. In the event of loss of keys, bicycle accessories or damage, the manager will ask the customer for the amount necessary for the original restoration of the bicycle, based on what is indicated in the Damage List, in the event of total theft the user must compensate the manager of the amount established in the Damage Price List. The Customer, by signing this contract, declares to have read and accepted the General Regulations presented in each Operational Point and can be downloaded from the website

5)      LIMITATION OF LIABILITY OF THE GRANTING COMPANY - The user can ask the manager for an intervention for the collection of the bicycle, the cost of which is indicated in the Damage Price List; the manager is not obliged to intervene, therefore failure to intervene cannot result in contractual non-fulfillment. It is in the manager's interest to proceed with the collection of the bicycle in order to safeguard integrity and will proceed with the intervention in the most suitable times and ways for this purpose.

6)      PAYMENT METHOD - Payment must be made in advance and can take place: at Operative Point 2e20 via Company POS; by credit / debit card via 2e20go smartphone app. No other method will be considered as fulfillment.

7)      PENALTY CLAUSE - Failure to return the vehicle's keys, even if lost or stolen, will result in a penalty for compensation as contained in art. 13 of the General Regulations. Failure to return the vehicle on the date and time agreed in this contract, the customer will be subject to the conditions indicated in Article 3 of this contract as an exception to the General Reg.

8)      TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION - The Court of Caltagirone will have jurisdiction over any dispute that may arise regarding this contract.

9)      DOMICILE ELECTION FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS AGREEMENT - The customer declares and self-certifies under his own responsibility that the data and address of residence indicated in the attached photocopy documentation is correct, and that for the purposes of this contract any communication and / or notification may take place at that address, unless modified by the same to be notified in writing by the customer directly to the GRANTING COMPANY.

10)   SOLID BONDS - Whoever signs this contract in the name and on behalf of another person and / or company, will respond personally and jointly with his / her representative to the obligations assumed towards the GRANTING COMPANY.

Place and date ___________________ Date ______ / ______ / 2019

The Operative Point 2e20go ___________________                                    The Customer

    _____________________________________________          ____________________________________

2e20 Srls (hereinafter also referred to as "2e20" or "Owner") before acquiring your personal data for the display and use of the 2e20go e-Bike / e-Scooter Rent and Sharing service, the relative platforms and the app , invites you to carefully read the information downloadable from the website, made pursuant to art. 13 of the European Regulation n. 679/2016 concerning the protection of personal data ("GDPR"), to allow it to understand how your personal information is handled when you use our services, to allow, where necessary, to verify the conscious consent to the processing of your personal data , and to know (and if applicable) to exercise your rights, as an "interested party" to the processing. Confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy from the site and the use of your personal data. The original copy of this contract (composed of this sheet) is retained by the Operative Point 2e20, and a copy will be sent to the customer in the e-mail indicated by the same.

Place and date ___________________ Date ______ / ______ / 2019

The Operative Point 2e20go ___________________                                    The Customer

   _____________________________________________          ____________________________________

The original copy of this contract (composed of this sheet) is retained by the Operative Point 2e20, and a copy will be sent to the customer in the e-mail indicated by the same.

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