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+39 030 55 42 696

2e20go Electric Vehicles Rental and Sharing

Sede Sarnico: Corso Europa, 19 - 24067 Sarnico (BG)

Sede Iseo :  Via XX Settembre (Park Stazione) - 25049 ISEO (BS) 

Tel. +39 030 55 42 696 - Mob. + 39 393 939 8167  - 

2e20 S.r.l.s.   -   Via Gesualdo Bufalino, 5 - 95041 Caltagirone (CT) - P.Iva 05481280872  - Mob. +39 030.5542696 -



2e20 Electric Mobility Network


In our exhibition space you will find electric pedal-assisted bicycles and electric scooters for every need, models selected among the best national and foreign brands to satisfy any amateur or professional.
By 2e20 you will find trained staff to assist in the choice of the electric vehicle more suited to your tastes and needs, with interesting payment solutions.

We also offer an exclusive hire service, tailored to meet your needs, we also offer a rental service Rent-to-Rent for accommodation providers and renters.


Show Room veicoli elettrici

genio gsulisse

Check our website to keep up to date on the latest news in the field of electric pedal assisted bicycles and electric scooters (mopeds or motorcycles). You will find not only the most advantageous offers in the field of models and accessories but you will also be aware of the results of the most prestigious innovations around the world. The last year has been full of news in the field of electric vehicles in our e-commerce you can choose the model that suits you and buy it, it will be delivered directly to your home.


Throughout Italy, we are making qualified and professional points to provide a rental service electric bikes perdalata assisted, and electric scooters.

Are you a hotel or a charterer becomes part of our network you will discover how to without invest large sums of money you will have available electric vehicles that you can offer your clients in addition to your fleet.

Our solutions for collaboration are aimed at partnerships for a common purpose:

1) rental Agreement Rent to Rent with we offer to rent for a minimum of 5 months-electric vehicles to the intermerdiario (accommodation, rental company, etc..) which will be able to rent to the end customer using our Web Platform (Cloud, App. smarthone)

2) Contract Hire Service with which We will carry out the business of hire inside of the structure by recognizing a percentage concrua for the use of a area inside of the structure.

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